Romantic, Personalized Ceremonies

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Planning a romantic elopement?  Ready to get married and start your life together? We can arrange a short civil ceremony in my office Monday through Friday or at an agreed-upon place in the evening and on weekends. We will do our best to respond quickly to a request for an elopement ceremony. Please feel free to bring up to two guests.  
We believe that whether you plan your wedding for a year or for a day, you deserve a beautiful ceremony.  Our Elopement Ceremony is worthy of your love.

Contact us at 601-405-3940 or fill out our contact form for more information or to book our wedding officiant.

Traditional Length Ceremony ("TLC"): 

At Witness to Love Weddings we create romantic, personalized ceremonies. 
Do you want to include a special family tradition, light a memorial or unity candle, or include your children in the ceremony?  We would love to work with you.  Are you planning a traditional ceremony in an event venue, or will you be hiking  to the highest point in Mississippi for your ceremony?  We will be there with you.  Together we wil
l create a wedding ceremony that reflects you, your traditions, and your love, for each other. 

Chuppah Ceremony
Blessings to the Four Directions
Handfasting Ceremony
Those With us in Spirit
Readings. Poems
Hands Ceremony
Mother’s Rose Ceremony
Ring Warming Ceremony
Family Medallion Ceremony
Jumping the Broom
Unity Candle

Tree Planting
Sand Ceremony
Ribbons & Bubbles
Breaking the glass

Your Family Tradition

​Your Own Creative Idea

Short & Sweet Weddings

Short & Sweet weddings can be arranged on short notice at a location of your choice in the Jackson area. Perfect for a small home or back yard wedding or at a local park or pavilion, Short and Sweet Weddings offer you a beautiful wedding ceremony that you will always remember.  

Your Short and Sweet Wedding can be a civil ceremony or a non-denominational ceremony.   Short & Sweet wedding ceremonies are about 10 to 15 minutes long and they are filled with love. 

If you are planning to have special additions to you wedding such as those listed in the side bar, call us for a quote for a TLC wedding.

The Universal Life Church Monastery

TLC Ceremonies can be customized with special additions to the traditional wedding ceremony.